Advanced hacking service

Security consulting based on attack by hacker

Security consulting based on attack

- Detects vulnerabilities in the way an actual hacker attacks

- present a security book to prevent found vulnerabilities


-Because advanced hackers proceed in the same way as real attacks, they differ from checklist-based general security consulting

High level technology consulting

-Perform high-level technical consulting on any hacking defensive anxiety

(Serious) vulnerability detection rate 100%

- Success in improving security through attack in any area
- Real security for non-security hacking
- Increase security importance to multiply related departments

Examples of attack scenarios

Vulnerability analysis and scenario creation

- Vulnerability analysis in the same way that external attackers actually attack

- Linking each vulnerability to derive a real-life scenario

- It is not a formal attack scenario, but it collects sufficient information of attack target ahead of time.  Perform the same attack as real

How to check

- Attack technique of all means that hacker can perform

- Attacks such as SQL Injection, authentication bypass, file download, Web shell acquisition and administrator page takeover for internal and external web services


R&D of the cutting edge technology in fields of hacking and security

Customers - security consulting

Customers - R&D, education and other

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